Andrea Lazzerini is a designer, a jeweler and a qualified jewel appraiser.
He runs his atelier by himself and  personally designs the models that he produces according to his father’s tradition.
The atelier’s production, which includes jewels and gold artifacts, is permeated by a unique style and characterized by superior quality, exquisite workmanship and sophisticated choice of gems and stones.

The Lazzerini studio and showroom is located in Via della Spiga, in the heart of the well known fashion district. The company has been in business for 50 years and was founded by Giampiero, Andrea’s father, who over the years became a prominent member in the guild of jewelers and goldsmiths in Milan. With his father’s teaching and guidance, Andrea has learned all the secrets of this art.
Andrea Lazzerini is also a Certified Appraiser (Member of Collegio Periti Esperti e Consulenti) and can provide appraisals and qualified value estimates.

You can always spot Lazzerini’s original style in his jewels…
The modern jewels signed by Andrea are always outstanding, exclusive and, far from just trendy, are characterized by a unique style.
Lazzerini’s pieces are out of the pack and are distinguished in their splendor and their contrast between brightness and opaqueness. The light is manipulated to create new shades of precious metals and unusual reflections of gems which are particularly valuable for quality and cut.
Andrea’s unique art also produces timeless creations through the revival and re-interpretation of classic motifs.
Upon request Andrea can manufacture jewels based on classic models.

The Lazzerini jewel is ever-ready for all occasions: some rings can change stones or … become pendants.
Lazzerini jewels will suit you as tailor-made dresses: in fact they can be designed exclusively for you with the best quality/ price ratio.
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